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2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent January 16th 2018

Hello Parents.  I hope you enjoyed your bonus time with my STARS this past (long) weekend! If your child did not return his/her _library book(s) today,_ please be sure the books are read/re-read tonight so quizzes can be taken before returns are made.  If your child has a longer book and he/she is still not done, please find some bonus time for reading at home.  _Checked out books most certainly should be read within the 7 days provided or I would suggest that it it not a "just right ...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent January 9th 2018

Hello Parents and Happy New Year!  We had a fine first day back...a little sleepy this morning but they all rallied!  Thank you for the well wishes and thoughtful holiday gifts. They are appreciated.  A few reminders for our first week of the new year...Your child's _new spelling word list _was packed for you today. Please notice that the number of words is greater but the test date is not until _Friday, January 19_.  We bulked up our final two "Spellabration Practice Lists" in or...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent December 17th 2017

Hello Parents.  Please pardon the Sunday afternoon list serve message - I wasn't able to get my message out before leaving for a holiday gathering on Friday.  So, here are the reminders for our last school week of 2017 (Can you believe it's actually here?):  _New spelling words _were packed on Friday.  We will have another Spellabration word test this Thursday in an effort to get all 100 words practiced before the official _Spellabration week begins on January 29_.  More ...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent December 8th 2017

Hello Parents.  Your child packed the new spelling word list for you today.  As expected, our test will be Friday, December 15.  We have P.E. on Monday.  Your child has 9 days to reach his/her A.R. point and accuracy goals.  Please consider having your child work on Lexia minutes at home - even one time a week would be helpful.  I still have several children in need of minutes this weekend to reach the weekly goal.  I will contact you directly if your child needs Lexia time.  As ...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent December 5th 2017

Hello Parents.  A quick_ Book Fair reminder._  Your child packed his/her "wish list" from our first trip to the Book Fair today.  Our class is invited to go the_ Book Fair again tomorrow _and purchase "wish list" items.  There is absolutely no pressure to purchase a thing - and I know many of you made purchases while here at the Pancake Breakfast on Saturday.  If you would like your child to make a purchase, please have the money counted and ready for the volunteers in ...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent December 1st 2017

Hello Parents.  The new _spelling word list _(Spellabration List #4) was packed for you today.  The _spelling test _will be on 12-8-17.  Our vocabulary words went home to you more than a week ago.  The _vocabulary test _will be on 12-7-17.  We have completed part of the the _screening tests _that Mr. Pennington mentioned on his weekly message last Sunday.  We should wrap up the final testing components by the end of next week.  If you purchased items for the _Wishing Wall of Stars_, p...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent November 21st 2017

Hello Parents.  I hope you are enjoying your fabulous bonus time with my very special second grade STARS!  I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.  I'm thankful for my STARS and I'm thankful for you too.    ...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent November 14th 2017

Hello Parents.  A quick update regarding the math pages that came home with your child today.  I asked the children to use either a hundreds chart, an open number line, or the stack and solve with regrouping/borrowing strategy to solve the subtraction problems today.  While I understand and support introducing and practicing multiple strategies to "find the right fit,"  I'm not a huge fan of creating more "steps/work" to the problem solving process.  So, the childre...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent November 10th 2017

Hello Parents.  The new _Spelling Word List _ (Spellabration Practice Words-List 2) was packed for you today.   The _spelling test _will be on Friday. Our _Vocabulary test _will be on Thursday - those words (Reach Unit 3 Weeks 3 & 4) came home to you last week.  A purple paper is coming your way today with information regarding our _ABE Star Giving Tree_.  Please take a moment to read through that information. _ Shoes for P.E. on Wednesday - __Book exchange is Tuesday._....

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent November 1st 2017

Hello Parents.  A few reminders to send your way this afternoon... Your child brought home a completed Topic 4 Math practice test today.  Our _Topic 4 math test is tomorrow_.  We will also have our _vocabulary test (Unit 3 Weeks 1 & 2) tomorrow_.  We have two more days to participate in the _Stock the Shelves Food Drive_.  Thank you for considering participating.  If you have already made a donation, thank you very much!  We have completed more than 30 % of our second grading...

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