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2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent April 23rd 2018

Hello Parents.  A few quick "housekeeping reminders" for you this week...1. _Spelling Words _were packed on Friday.  Did your child bring the new spelling word list home to you?    2. _Vocabulary Words _were packed on Friday.  Did your child bring home new vocabulary words?  3.  I am still missing 5 signed fourth quarter A.R. goal papers and 2 signed permission slips.  4. _Our trip is this Friday_.  As you might imagine, without your written consent, I cannot ...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent April 17th 2018

Hello Parents.  Yesterday, I sent out _second copies of both the study trip permission slip and the fourth quarter AR goal paper to those in need._  Please sign/return the paper(s) and return it/them as soon as possible.  As of this time, I am missing 7 signed AR goal papers and 4 signed permission slips.  Thanks to the many that already returned the signed papers!  By now you've received the _voicemail/email message regarding RSVP_.  Thank you for completing your child's online in...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent April 15th 2018

Hello Parents.  Thank you for the terrific turn out for our Communication Night last Wednesday.  I believe we had 19 of 24 families represented!  Congratulations to the brave performers from the evening as well.  The kids did a wonderful job of singing solos, duets, and groups songs.  Thank you also for contributing to our spring Book Fair during the week.  I'm hopeful that lots of wonderful books were purchased during our shopping trips during school hours as well as during ...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent April 6th 2018

Hello Parents.  _New spelling words _were packed for you today.  The spelling test will be on Friday.  _New vocabulary words _were packed for you.  The vocabulary test will be in two weeks.  _School composite pictures and spring pictures _were packed for you if you purchased them.  A reminder about our_ annual Communication Night _was also packed for you today.  We hope you'll consider joining us on the 11th sometime between 5:30 (Dads' Club Spaghetti Dinner) and 7:30.  Y...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent March 22nd 2018

Hello Parents.  Thank you for checking out your child's _online report card _for quarter 3 at your convenience.  As I consistently remind the children, the scores and markings on the report cards are earned; not given.  They should take pride in their effort and growth or make a plan for improvement if/as needed. Thank you also for taking the time to look through the _additional third quarter papers _that I prepared for you.  Your child has them in his/her BEAR folder/backpack today. _...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent March 14th 2018

Hello Parents,  Please take a look in your child's BEAR folder for an _important homework request_.  The completed homework is _due on Monday_.  Thank you for your support with this special assignment!  Also, a _spring picture reminder _was packed by your child today.  Please check out the information.  We have _two school days to reach A.R. point and accuracy goals for the third quarter_.  Thank you for encouraging a strong finish!  Has your child worked on any _Lexia m...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent March 9th 2018

Hello Parents.  Reminders: _Yearbook orders are due March 16_.  Mrs. Donaldson could use lots of _support with our Book Fair_.  Please consider contacting her if you might be able to lend a helping hand. _ Our class goes to the Book Fair on April 10 and April 11_.  Thank you for your consideration!  Your child has _five school days remaining to earn his/her AR point and accuracy goals for the third quarter_.  Please provide some extra reading time this weekend if your child ...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent March 2nd 2018

Hello Parents.  I neglected to get the _spelling word list _passed out to the kids today.  My apologies.  If you'd like to get started with practice time this weekend, the words are: _right, flight, sight, bright, knight, slight, flight, might, tight, high, sigh, thigh._  A reminder regarding _2017-2018 yearbooks _- orders are _due by March 16_.  The yearbook is _$15.00_.  The end of our grading period is fast approaching.  _The last day to reach AR point and accuracy goals is Mar...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent February 16th 2018

Hello Parents.  The new _spelling word list _was packed for you today.  The word list is a bit shorter, has another letter/sound pattern, and we will _test on Friday _in spite of our abbreviated week.  I'm sure the kids can take some extra time this weekend to practice/review.  Thank you for your participation in the _Staff Appreciation Week _here at ABE.  We all felt very appreciated! Thank you also to Mrs. St. Laurent for coordinating our _Friendship Par...

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

Sent February 15th 2018

Hello Parents. Your child brought home two important items today.  First, a practice test for our math (Topic 9) test - please encourage your child to use the pages as a study guide. We will have our Topic Test tomorrow. Also, your child's graded Spellabration paper and donation/sponsorship envelope came home today.  Thanks for taking a look at the spelling score and considering a donation. Every little penny helps!  Thank you and have a great night. ...

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