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Subject: 2- Miss Vittori's Class Message
Date: October 20th 2017

A few notes after I ran the newseltter-

Many children said that they had not worked on the Spelling words this week at home.  I do apologize for not getting the words in the folders till Tuesday, but they were put in there.  I gave students the option to not take the test and work on the words over the weekend and test on Monday. 

Reggie gave each of the students a gift from him on his birthday.  The gift was a fidget spinner. You child brought one home on Thursday.  I told the students not to bring them to school or even keep them in their backpacks. Good news...I haven't seen or taken any away!  

Have a great weekend and the newsletter is NOT attached.  Apparently, they is an error and it will not let me open the document.  Look for the newsletter in your child's purple folder. 

Angela Vittori

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