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Subject: 2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message
Date: January 16th 2018

Hello Parents.  I hope you enjoyed your bonus time with my STARS this past (long) weekend! If your child did not return his/her library book(s) today, please be sure the books are read/re-read tonight so quizzes can be taken before returns are made.  If your child has a longer book and he/she is still not done, please find some bonus time for reading at home.  Checked out books most certainly should be read within the 7 days provided or I would suggest that it it not a "just right book(s)."  We had P.E. today.  When school days are missed, the special area rotation is held in place so tomorrow will be our music class day.  Your child brought home a colorful information packet and a pencil to introduce all the nuts and bolts regarding our school wide Spellabration.  Please take a look through the information and consider sponsoring your child.  A new feature this year:  You can scan the QR Code, included in the information packet, and make a flat donation.  Speaking of spelling, we will have our longer spelling test this Friday.  The words went home last week and as you'll recall we did not have a spelling test last week.  Thank you for practicing the longer list with your child this week.  We will have one last Spellabration practice spelling test next Friday and then we should be ready to successfully participate in the school-wide Spellabration.  Finally, report card access should be available to you by now.  I also sent home a file folder filled with supplemental information that I hope you find helpful.  Please check both sides of the papers included as many of the pages were copied front and back for you.  Thank you for taking the time to review the papers at your convenience.  The contents of your child's file folder is yours to keep at home.  I would ask that you SIGN, DATE and RETURN the empty file folder so I can reuse it again for grading period 3 and 4.  Thank you very much!  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email. Thank you!

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