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Subject: 2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message
Date: April 23rd 2018

Hello Parents.  A few quick "housekeeping reminders" for you this week...1. Spelling Words were packed on Friday.  Did your child bring the new spelling word list home to you?    2. Vocabulary Words were packed on Friday.  Did your child bring home new vocabulary words?  3.  I am still missing 5 signed fourth quarter A.R. goal papers and 2 signed permission slips.  4. Our trip is this Friday.  As you might imagine, without your written consent, I cannot take your child off school property for any reason.  5. A math practice test will be coming your way tomorrow.  Our math test will be this Wednesday 6.  If you have BoxTops ready for us, please send them in at your earliest convenience.  7.  A Dine to Donate paper from C.R. Heroes was packed for you today.  8.  Are you still checking your child's ClassDojo points?  As you might imagine, some friends are in need some additional reinforcement from home regarding finishing strong and maintaining behavioral expectations at this time in the school year.  9.  A significant number of students are in serious need of Lexia minutes at home now.  We continue to make time for Lexia here in the room throughout the week but focused attention on the Lexia lessons is the only way to move the clock and master units and levels.  Remember our second grade-year end goal is mastery of Level 12!  10. We are almost exactly halfway through our final grading period. Does your child have approximately 50% of his/her A.R. points?  Is he/she on pace to reach the individualized goals in place for him/her?  How about Honor Reader?  Is your child on pace to reach the Honor Reader certification (75 points with a minimum accuracy of 85%) by May 18?  Please, please, please maintain 30 minutes of nightly reading at home!    Thank you. 

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