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Date: October 27th 2016

Parents & Guardians,


Thanks to all parents who have donated to our Fall Fest Basket Theme - "Family Game Night. We are still in need of donations for our class basket. Some game night donation ideas: Scrabble, Boggle, Monopoly, Pictionary, Sorry, Candyland, Uno, Connect Four, Checkers, Dominos, Taboo, Chutes and Ladders, The Game of Life, Yahtzee, Twister, Jenga, and Backgammon.


All donations must be received no later than tomorrow, October 28th.  They are asking for all baskets to be turned in on Sunday, October 30th.  If you need to make arrangements to meet us on Saturday, October 29th, please let us know.


Donations should be sent to school with your child to be given to Ms. Brandvick.  Item Donations must include a note with your name, the item name, and retail value (not what you paid).  Monetary donations should be sent in a sealed envelope with your name.  If you send a check, please make it payable to Lavonnya Mickens and write "Fall Fest Basket" in the memo.


Thank you for supporting our wonderful school by donating to our class basket!



Lavonnya Mickens and Wytisha Parks

(317) 698-5855  and   (317) 513-5910



 (317) 698-5855  and   (317) 513-5910

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