This is it!

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Subject: This is it!
Date: May 25th 2017

Dear Parents,


It has been an honor to teach your wonderful children this year.  They have all grown in so many ways!  In their Take Home Folder today, you will find a print of two photographs of their first and last days here in 4th grade, as my gift to you for being such supportive parents. 

My gift to the students (and you too!) here is a link of a movie of our moments together.

You can view it without having a Dropbox account, but if you want to save it, you will probably need an account. 


I also want to thank you for the thoughtful class gift and other personal gifts I have recieved.  I truly feel appreciated by you all.  


Reporat cards will be coming home today, along with information for accessing your child's ISTEP scores later this summer.  


Enjoy the summer with your family and I look foward to seeing some familiar faces in the hallway again this August!



Melissa Richmond

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