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Subject: Mrs. Dudley's 6th Grade Message
Date: May 2nd 2016

Want to know what is going on in our classroom?

Log into your child's Canvas account.  Go to the township web page and click on the Canvas icon.  Your child's login is his/her student number and password is initials plus birthday (first letter is capitalized).  The Canvas account will be your GO TO next year for information on what is going on for your child academically.  Digital learning is here!

You can see daily assignments on the Announcements tab.

Check to see what events/tests/assignments are coming up by looking at the calendar.

Grades are updated on Skyward each Tuesday.  Students check their grades and record any missing work.  Missing work is the responsibility of the student.  They know how to check back on daily agendas for missed work.

Have a great week!

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