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*ABFA-AB Family Association

Amy Beverland Family Association News and Information

Honor Reader Celebration

May 19th 2019

https://tinyurl.com/2019honorreader We will celebrate the A.B.E. STARS who achieve Honor Reader status with extra recess and a popsicle/ icee. We would love to have you VOLUNTEER to help serve frozen treats and supervise the kids on the playground as we celebrate their hard work! The dates and times (including rain dates) are listed below. PLEASE NOTE: Please contact your student's teacher if you are unsure if your student has qualified for this event, or contact Kim Knox. **YOU MUST have a BACKGROUND CHECK on ...Continue Reading

*Amy Beverland Dad's Club

Amy Beverland Dad's Club News and Information

ABE Dads' Club Meeting this Thursday at 6:30 p.m.!

April 16th 2019

Hello everyone, Just a reminder, the next ABE Dads' Club meeting will be this Thursday, April 18th at 6:30 p.m. in the Susan Jordan Media Center.  There will be plenty to discuss as we are inching in on our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Susan Jordan Golf Outing.  Chris Knox and his team have been hard at work making sure this will be our biggest outing yet!  Come find out how you can get involved.  If you have never been to a Dads' Club meeting, no problem, we have new dads coming every month ...Continue Reading

*Amy Beverland Physical Education

Physical Education News and Information

*Amy Beverland Physical Education Message

October 25th 2016


1-Mrs. Cox's Class

Mrs. Cox' Class News and Information

1-Mrs. Feagley's Class

Mrs. Feagley's' Class News and Information

Fall Festival Basket

September 12th 2016

Hello Families! This is a message from Kim Knox, Fall Fest's Silent Auction coordinator!  Your class is still in need of a Room Rep to organize your class's basket!   You would be responsible for picking a theme for your class's silent auction basket, then work to secure donations from parents in your class and from the community.  You will have lots of support including sample letters for both parents and community, as well as help assembling your basket. If you are interested, or would like more inf ...Continue Reading

2- Miss Vittori's Class

Miss Vittori's Class's News and Information

2- Miss Vittori's Class Message

May 18th 2018

Don't forget to send a lunch for Field Day on Monday if your child will not be purchasing one from the cafeteria.  It was a hectic Friday, so we will be having the Spelling Test on Monday.  Please check the backpack/Homework Folder for a bright red paper.  We are having a store to spend our Dojo points on Friday, and we need items donated.  There are more details on the paper.  Thanks! Have a great weekend! Angela Vittori ...Continue Reading

2-Mrs. Hawes' Class

Mrs. Hawes' Class News and Information

2-Mrs. Hawes' Class Message

May 26th 2017

Hello Families, I hope you are having a fun first day of summer with your kiddos.  I miss them already.  We had such a great year together.  I wanted to attach the links to some videos for your viewing.  I sent one end of the year video link with your child's report card.  The kids only watched the beginning of it yesterday.  I had to turn it off because there were too many tears.  I think they were just really tired. Hpefully, they can enjoy watching it at home with you. End of Yea ...Continue Reading

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class

Mrs. Pennal's Class News and Information

2-Mrs. Pennal's Class Message

June 1st 2018

Hello Parents.  I have two lunch boxes here in the classroom.  One is a camouflage lunchbox and the other a Lego/Ninja lunchbox.  If you would like to claim the either of the lunchboxes, _please let me know and I will leave them in the front office for pick up._  Mrs. Frisk and Mrs. Peglow will be here next week if you are not able to make it in today.  Thank you.  Hope the summer vacation is off to a great start for your third grade STAR!  Enjoy every minute. ...Continue Reading

2-Mrs. Wood's Class

Mrs. Wood's Class News and Information

Pizza Party

May 24th 2016

Good Morning, The kids have been working hard, and we would like to finish the year with a pizza party. If you would send in a dollar for each slice of pizza your child wants to order, I will order pizzas for Friday. Thanks, Cindy ...Continue Reading

2-Ms. Brandvik's Class

Mrs. Brandvik's Class News and Information

2-Ms. Brandvik's Class Message

October 27th 2016

Parents & Guardians, Thanks to all parents who have donated to our Fall Fest Basket Theme - "Family Game Night. We are still in need of donations for our class basket. Some game night donation ideas: Scrabble, Boggle, Monopoly, Pictionary, Sorry, Candyland, Uno, Connect Four, Checkers, Dominos, Taboo, Chutes and Ladders, The Game of Life, Yahtzee, Twister, Jenga, and Backgammon. All donations must be received no later than tomorrow, October 28th.  They are asking for all baskets to be turned in on Sunday, ...Continue Reading

2-Ms. Swanson's Class

Ms. Swanson's Class News and Information

2-Ms. Swanson's Class Message

September 8th 2017

https://dada-ab.ltschools.org/dada_mail_support_files/file_uploads/files/9-8-17.pdf ...Continue Reading

3-Mrs. Booher's Class

Mrs. Booher's Class News and Information

3-Mrs. Booher's Class Message

October 6th 2016

The annual ABE Fall Festival is quickly approaching! Every ABE classroom has been assigned a theme basket to be auctioned off at the festival. Our class theme is ‘Nerf.’ /*Please consider donating items such as Nerf bullets, Nerf guns, targets, Nerf balls etc. Cash/check donations will also be accepted.  Be creative and help us fill our basket. Send the items in with your child to Ms. Booher's room ASAP.  Thank you for the monetary donations so far!      Ashley Berna- Y ...Continue Reading

3-Mrs. Kimmel's Class

Mrs. Kimmel's Class News and Information

3-Mrs. Kimmel's Class Message

May 14th 2018

Hi Parents- I am sending home two pink Circle Fest papers with your child today.  They are stapled together.  We are still in need of donations and workers for this great day!  If you have already donated items/money or have signed up to help with Circle Fest, thank you!  If you haven't but would like to, you still have an opportunity to do so!  Check out these fliers for more information! Field Day is scheduled for Friday.  The children will be eating lunch in our classroom.  If yo ...Continue Reading

4-Miss Trueblood's Class

Miss Trueblood's Fourth Grade News and Information

4-Miss Trueblood's Class Message

May 25th 2017

Happy Thursday!  Here one more fourth grade "newsletter"!   Thank you for a fantastic year!  I greatly appreciate your support!   https://dada-ab.ltschools.org/dada_mail_support_files/file_uploads/files/FinalNewsletter.compressed.pdf ...Continue Reading

4-Mrs. Detty's Class

Mrs. Detty's Class News and Information

Friday Folders

May 25th 2018

Parents, Yesterday I sent home the consumable math books. These books would be a great resource to use for additional practice/review over the summer as your child is preparing for the 5th grade. Also, the Friday Folders will come home on Wednesday with their papers from the past week. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday weekend! Mrs. Detty ...Continue Reading

4-Mrs. Richmond's Class

Mrs. Richmond's Class News and Information

This is it!

May 25th 2017

Dear Parents, It has been an honor to teach your wonderful children this year.  They have all grown in so many ways!  In their Take Home Folder today, you will find a print of two photographs of their first and last days here in 4th grade, as my gift to you for being such supportive parents.  My gift to the students (and you too!) here is a link of a movie of our moments together. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fwlnpoqkgf49bqn/2016-2017%20Mrs.%20Richmond%27s%20Class_1.mp4?dl=0 You can view it without havin ...Continue Reading

5-6 Mrs. MacAllister's Class

Mrs. MacAllister's Class News and Information

5-Mr. Brooks' Class

Mr. Brook's Class News and Information

5-Mrs. Colbert's Class

Mrs. Colbert's Class News and Information


February 26th 2016

Dear Parents, Your child should arrive at 7:35 A.M. to start the school day. (The earlier email said 8:35, and that was an ERROR!) I'm sorry for the confusion. Thank you, Dawn Colbert ...Continue Reading

5-Mrs. Marshall's Class

Mrs. Marshall's Third Grade News and Information

5-Mrs. Marshall's Class Message

May 24th 2017

Good Morning! I am sure you have heard by now that our class won the KICKBALL CHAMPIONSHIP!! They all did an outstanding job working together as a team!  I am so proud of them!  I must say that our captains, Cameron and Taylor, worked very hard to come up with the field positions and strategies for the games!  I get to keep the trophy one more year! I want to take this moment to tell you all how much I have loved having your children in class this year!  They are just wonderful.....I am going to M ...Continue Reading

Mrs. Dudley's 6th Grade

This listserve will give information about our class.

Mrs. Dudley's 6th Grade Message

May 2nd 2016

Want to know what is going on in our classroom? Log into your child's Canvas account.  Go to the township web page and click on the Canvas icon.  Your child's login is his/her student number and password is initials plus birthday (first letter is capitalized).  The Canvas account will be your GO TO next year for information on what is going on for your child academically.  Digital learning is here! You can see daily assignments on the Announcements tab. Check to see what events/tests/assignments ...Continue Reading